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Some resources I've found helpful for learning japanese.

Learning Japanese


I used Kanshudo when it was still in beta and the site has evolved since then. It has an extensive dictionary and meta data for verbs, nouns, and grammar and a lot of fun games to help with recall instead of just recognition for grammar rules, kanji, and more. This tool was extremely helpful to me when I was learning japanese.


Uses a spaced repeititon system. The quality of courses may vary but they are free, I've used the site to learn some japanese and revise braille.

Tae Kim's Grammar Guide for Japanese

A very comprehensive and clearly written guide to different japanese grammar rules.


A comprehensive English to Japanese dictionary with the ability to manually input radicals within kanji to search if necessary.

News Web Easy from the NHK

The news published with an "easy" level of difficulty for japanese learners. A useful resource for intermediate learners with the ability to at least read katakana and hiragana. Have a dictionary or on-screen kanji reader on hand.

Manga Z

A website with free access to japanese manga. Like Web News Easy above, recommended for those who can at least read some basic japanese already, but you get to read manga this time.

Guide to Japanese by Spideyday&Alanae

I can't remember where I found this Google Doc but it does recommend the Genki series of books which is where I got started to help me learn some common phrases and grammar. It has even more resources than I've listed and advice depending on whether you want to focus on reading, talking, both, or something else.

Other Language Learning

Reverso Dictionary

This is an online dictionary with a very easy to understand format and good example sentences. I've used this site a lot for translating English to French and vice versa.

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