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This page compiles links to HTML and CSS resources for web design, ROM hacking and assembly programming resources, and a section for scientific programming.

HTML and CSS Tutorials

The HTML Hobbyist
HTML Hobbyist logo
HTML and CSS tutorials, focus on good practice.
Learn HTML and CSS with Sadgrl from Neocities
Sadgrl logo
Sadgrl has made a lot of useful tutorials with a focus on practical advice on layouts and getting your first Neocities Site up and running.

Web Colours

The Default Named HTML Color Codes
HTML color picker
HTML and CSS include colour names, this site lists the HEX codes associated with those colours so you can look up if they meet contrast or other accesibility requirements.
Web Safe Colours
HTML color code swatch
Web Safe Colours is a concept that was more popular in the early web where monitors had a lower colour depth (displayed less colours). This site shows those colours.

Web Search

hand holding plant seedling
A carbon neutral, privacy-focused web browser and plants a tree for every search. This is my preferred web browser. There is more than Google.
Duck Duck Go logo
A privacy focused web browser, and my second favorite web browser.

Geocities Archives

Geocities technology banner
Here you can browse an archive of Geocities based on neighbourhood. It has homepage snapshot previews for each website in the directory.
Oocities heading
Another Geocities archived organised by neighbourhood however unlike RestorativLand it has a generic numeric directory so it's more of a mystery what you'll get when you click on it.

ROM Hacking

Awhile back I had a brief obsession with understanding more of the coding side of the Game Boy and Game Boy Colour so I collected these resources.

The Cutting Room Floor
ASCII text art logo
A site dedicated to researching and documenting unused content from video games, such as debug menus, graphics, music, enemies, levels, and more.
Learn Multi platform Z80 Assembly Programming... With Vampires!
pixel art character
ChibiAkumas has a great tutorial series and YouTube channel for teaching Assembly programming for different systems (including Game Boy Colour, etc).
Z80 Architecture and Documentation
Z80 3d text art
This website has a lot of technical information and documentation of the Z80 which is organised very neatly and with a minimal HTML/CSS site. Also has assembly language programming tutorials.
Pan Docs
assembly start line
Pan Docs is an open source effort to technical reference to the Game Boy available, in development since 1995. They even have a Discord Channel.
Game Boy Dev (GBDev)
arcade spaceship icon
A website which can teach you how to make games for the Game Boy and Game Boy Colour (assembly language specific).
Game Boy Programming Manual
Black and white Gameboy logo
The original programming manual released in 1999.

Scientific Programming

Introduction to Working with MRI Data in Python
egg symbol
A hands-on tutorial about working with open source MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) data in Python.
How to Set Up a Virtual Environment for Python Using Anaconda
python command line
Instructions using a command terminal how to set up a virtual environment with Anaconda. Virtual environments help separate libraries from each other for particular projects.
Customize your Jupyter Notebook Theme in 2 lines of code
command prompt selecting monokai theme
Change your Jupyter Notebook to use a dark mode or something else. I tend to use Monokai.
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