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Fun Stuff

This page will link to experimental creative or curation projects.

So far, there is a section on web nostalgia where I document some positive experiences I had on the early web. I want to engage in these projects because I think the way I used to use the internet as a child was much more fun and creative.

Web Nostalgia

Vivid Memories of Animated GIFs A collection of Pokemon and Digimon GIFs I remember from the early web. Includes links to where I found them so you can do a similar exploration.

Pokemon Music Some Pokemon .MIDI files which are nostalgic to me. It is kind of incredible to me that .MIDI files are so small (<1MB).

Ash Ketchum vs Climate Change A short experimental and satirical Pokemon fanfiction incorporating screenshots from the movies. The purpose of this story was to revisit a form of creativity I used during the old web.