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Online Radio

Links to free online radios that I happen to like.


AccuRadio logo
A free online radio with a variety music genres available to listen to. Their motto is "For music lovers, by music lovers" and take pride in their human-curated playlists (no algorithms).
House of Prog
House of Prog logo
House of Prog focuses on 1970s progressive rock and the genres that inspired it.

Ambient and Electronic

Noise Machines
Ambient soundscapes and noise tracks, my favorite is Irish Coast. I usually find playing white or ambient noise and music simultaneously helps me focus better.
Kyoto Connection
Kyoto connection logo
Online radio for Japanese ambient and new age music.

Video Game Music

pixel art anime girl
CVGM is short for Chiptune, Retro, and Video Game Music.
Rainwave player
Rainwave radio focuses on video game soundtracks (chiptune and orchestral).

Japanese Pop and Rock

Yggdrasil Radio
Ah My Goddess character
Yggdrasil radio features a mixture of anime soundtracks and jpop.
Gensokyo logo
Gensokyoradio features fan-made Touhou Project arrangements and remixes.

Funk and Vaporwave

Yumi Co. Radio
1980s 3d chrome arcade font logo
A station for citypop including modern styles like future funk, anime groove, nu disco, and vaporwave.
Poolsuite FM
martini glass icon
Poolsuite FM is an online radio featuring funky dance music.
Nightwave Plaza
Illustrated pocky box and coffee mug
Radio for vaporwave music with a cool Windows 95 aesthetic on the site similar to Poolsuite.
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