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Websites I find helpful about HTML, CSS, web accessiblity, gaming, web search, music, and more.

My Collections

Some categories are so large they have their own page.

Art Resources Art reference, anime style tutorials, screentones, manga fonts, perspective drawing tutorials, figure drawing and anatomy tools, and classical art resource databases.

HTML and CSS Tutorials

The HTML Hobbyist HTML and CSS tutorials, focus on good practice.

Learn HTML and CSS with Sadgrl from Neocities Sadgrl has made a lot of useful tutorials with a focus on practical advice on layouts and getting your first Neocities Site up and running.

Web Colours

The Default Named HTML Color Codes HTML and CSS include colour names, this site lists the HEX codes associated with those colours so you can look up if they meet contrast or other accesibility requirements.

Web Safe Colours Web Safe Colours is a concept that was more popular in the early web where monitors had a lower colour depth (displayed less colours). This site shows those colours.

Web Accessibility

WebbIE Information about website accessibility from the creator of the WebbIE browser.

A Field Guide to Web Accessibility Some background information on why you should consider web accessiblity on your site.

WebAIM Contrast Checker A site to check if your website text meets contrast accessibility requirements (small text, large text, GUI elements, for AA and AAA criterion).


MobyGames Screenshot compilations for a variety of retro consoles, warning some 18+. Many pixel art games are recorded on this site in case you are looking for reference material.

Spriter's Resource Sprites and backgrounds from classic games. Excellent for studying sprites from old games.

Japanese Websites

Anime Style Tutorials Ichi-up is a japanese site with high quality anime illustration tutorials written by professional artists. Download a translator plug-in for your browser and enjoy this great and overlooked resource.

Web Search

Ecosia A carbon neutral, privacy-focused web browser and plants a tree for every search. This is my preferred web browser. There is more than Google.

DuckDuckGo A privacy focused web browser, and my second favorite web browser.


AccuRadio A free online radio for when you don't know what to listen to. It has ads for some reason they don't bother me as much as those on other platforms. They also have a daily commercial-free genre. Their motto is "For music lovers, by music lovers" and they take pride in their human-curated playlists (no algorithms).

Noise Machines Ambient soundscapes and noise tracks, my favorite is Irish Coast. I usually find playing white or ambient noise and music simultaneously helps me focus better.

Kyoto Connection Online radio for Japanese ambient and new age music.


Gurney Journey A blog full of detailed articles about art by Dinotopia creator James Gurney.

Image Dithering A description and source code of 11 dithering algorithms by the creator of PhotoDemon's dithering engine. Will be of interest to pixel artists and those interested in image processing algorithms.

BookLive A Japanese eBook site, but you can find some manga here not on other sites, I've bought a few for visual reference as they weren't legally available in English.

Monitor callibration: Setting Gamma How colours and value range should look when Gamma is set correctly. A good reminder that my current monitor is trash, but my opinion about my out-gamma monitor is "If it ain't broken, don't fix it".