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Software I use for art, photography, typography, pixel art, word processing, 3d modelling, and more. I use a Windows PC so these entries will be biased toward that operating system.


Inkscape A vector graphics editing program, a free Adobe Illustrator alternative.

GIMP Raster graphics program and a free Adobe Photoshop alternative.

Clip Studio Paint A raster and vector drawing program, a Photoshop alternative specialised for manga and anime art. I have used this for years so I am a bit biased. Note their pricing differs depending on whether you are buying for desktop (one-off payment) or portable device like iPad (subscription based).

Krita A free Photoshop alternative. I have used Krita for compositing animation. It also has a useful feature called Gamut Maps to help you make restricted colour palettes.


PhotoDemon A free photo-editing program with some unique features. I have used this to change color depth and has 11 dithering algorithms, aka does some things GIMP can't.

FastPhotoTagger Photo management software, useful for adding tags in bulk to your own images, e.g. reference images - search plant, find plants.


Nexusfonts A free font manager and better than the Windows default. Can make collections for fonts to install or uninstall (e.g. for projects).

Pixel Art

Graphics Gale A free pixel art editing program. I used this for a few projects.

Aseprite For a small cost, you can get access to this pixel editing program, with more features than Graphics Gale. This said, it is free if you can install the binaries manually but I had no success with this. I have yet to explore all its features, but I made the banner for this site with Aseprite!

Word Processing

OpenOffice A free Microsoft Office alternative.

Audio Processing

Audacity A free audio editing program.

Video Editing

Kdenlive A free video editing program. I tried OpenShot prior to Kdenlive but on my computer it lagged badly and corrupted my projects when they got too large in size, so I never forgave it.


Notepad++ A lightweight IDE, I use this for HTML coding and other small projects. You can set up a dark mode.

RStudio RStudio is an IDE mixed with the R programming language, excellent statistics focused data analysis package, and completely free.

Anaconda Anaconda is a bundle of Python packages and includes Jupiter Notebooks with it. Free software and useful for coding in Python.

GitBash I used this in my PhD to do version control for a lot of code (R mainly).

3D Modeling

Blender Free 3d-modeling software, but has a learning curve. I would suggest looking up YouTube tutorials for small projects that interest you to get started.


ImageMagick Free command-line image processing, good for compressing image size and doing batch processing for file conversions.

IrfanView Free image viewer, good for loading uncommon image formats like JPEG2000 which are the common format for old scans on the Internet Archive. Also has a useful slideshow feature in case you want to quick-sketch from some image directories.

Takoboto A free japanese dictionary that can be used online or offline. I find the offline feature helpful if I want to search for some japanese keywords. A valuable tool if you are learning japanese, as well.

MediaMonkey A free music library and management tool. I use it to maintain my music library.

Cold Turkey Blocker For a reasonable one-time fee, will allow you to block websites and social media in time periods. This has been invaluable to me and I highly recommend it if you are having trouble controlling the amount of time you spend on social media. There is no mobile version unfortunately.

Anki Free flashcard software which uses spaced repetition in order to help you learn the card content. There is an online library to download cards for the software either for desktop or mobile.

MyPhoneExplorer A free non-propriety software for Android phone file management. Easy to use and fast.

WebbIE Browser A web browser for the visual impaired/blind, useful for checking website accessibility.

WizTree A free disk space analyser which is faster than Windows if you have some harddrive cleanup to do.