Pixel Glade


Some software for listening to music, analysing disk space, and miscellaneous.

Winamp logo
WinAmp has been around since the 1990s and is a free and functional music library manager. I would say it's very similar to MediaMonkey listed below but doesn't crash as much.
Media Monkey logo
A free music library and management tool. I use it to maintain my music library.
My Phone Explorer logo
A free non-propriety software for Android phone file management. Easy to use and fast.
WebbIE Browser
Webbie Browser logo
A web browser for the visual impaired/blind, useful for checking website accessibility.
WizTree logo
A free disk space analyser which is faster than Windows if you have some harddrive cleanup to do.
Accessible RSS News Reader (Microsoft Store)
RSS News reader logo
A simple and accessible RSS News Reader. Link to an RSS Feed URL and you can keep up to date with websites like this one.
Just Color Picker
Just Color Picker logo
A free color picker that will let you use an eyedropper to pick any pixel colour on screen with a zoom, then let you copy the HEX code or see other color values.
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