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This page compiles software used for word processing, programming, audio and video processing, in addition to a dictionary and website blocker.

Word Processing

OpenOffice A free Microsoft Office alternative.

Audio and Video Editing

Audacity A free audio editing program.

Kdenlive A free video editing program. I tried OpenShot prior to Kdenlive but on my computer it lagged badly and corrupted my projects when they got too large in size, so I never forgave it.

OpenShot A free video editing program. I would not recommend this for use on Windows for video editing as it corrupted a large file of mine but I had to reinstall it recently in order to convert an .MP4 to a resolution appropriate to Twitter as it has an Export to Web function.

FFmpeg A command line based program which lets you create lossless videos and do video format conversions like .GIF to .MP4, as well as combine audio and video sources.


Notepad++ A lightweight IDE, I use this for HTML coding and other small projects. You can set up a dark mode.

RStudio RStudio is an IDE mixed with the R programming language, excellent statistics focused data analysis package, and completely free.

Anaconda Anaconda is a bundle of Python packages and includes Jupiter Notebooks with it. Free software and useful for coding in Python.

GitBash I used this in my PhD to do version control for a lot of code (R mainly).


Takoboto A free japanese dictionary that can be used online or offline. I find the offline feature helpful if I want to search for some japanese keywords. A valuable tool if you are learning japanese, as well.

Study Tools

Anki Free flashcard software which uses spaced repetition in order to help you learn the card content. There is an online library to download cards for the software either for desktop or mobile.

Cold Turkey Blocker For a reasonable one-time fee, will allow you to block websites and social media in time periods. This has been invaluable to me and I highly recommend it if you are having trouble controlling the amount of time you spend on social media. There is no mobile version unfortunately.

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