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The Paintbrush

This page compiles software I use for digital artwork including illustration, graphic design, and pixel art.


Affinity logo
Affinity is a competitor to Adobe (namely, Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign) with a one-off payment model instead of Software as a Service. They make some improvements to the workflow including the ability to switch toolsets (e.g. vector or raster editing) without leaving the program you have open.
Clip Studio Paint
Clip studio paint logo
A raster and vector drawing program, a Photoshop alternative specialised for manga and anime art. I have used this for years so I am a bit biased. Note their pricing differs depending on whether you are buying for desktop (one-off payment) or portable device like iPad (subscription based).
Inkscape logo
A vector graphics editing program, a free Adobe Illustrator alternative.
GIMP logo
Raster graphics program and a free Adobe Photoshop alternative.
Krita logo
A free Photoshop alternative. I have used Krita for compositing animation. It also has a useful feature called Gamut Maps to help you make restricted colour palettes.

Pixel Art

Graphics Gale
pixel art knight with 1px grid overlay
A free pixel art editing program. I used this for a few projects.
Aseprite logo
For a small cost, you can get access to this pixel editing program, with more features than Graphics Gale. This said, it is free if you can install the binaries manually but I had no success with this. I have yet to explore all its features, but I made the banner for this site with Aseprite!


NexusFonts logo
A free font manager and better than the Windows default. Can make collections for fonts to install or uninstall (e.g. for projects).

3D Modeling

Blender logo
Free 3d-modeling software, but has a learning curve. I would suggest looking up YouTube tutorials for small projects that interest you to get started.
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