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Image Manipulation

This page compiles software used for image manipulation including photo editing, image manipulation, management, and processing.


PhotoDemon A free photo-editing program with some unique features. I have used this to change color depth and has 11 dithering algorithms, aka does some things GIMP can't.

Image Management

IrfanView Free image viewer, good for loading uncommon image formats like JPEG2000 which are the common format for old scans on the Internet Archive. Also has a useful slideshow feature in case you want to quick-sketch from some image directories.

FastPhotoTagger Photo management software, useful for adding tags in bulk to your own images, e.g. reference images - search plant, find plants.

Image Processing

ImageMagick Free command-line image processing, good for compressing image size and doing batch processing for file conversions or resizing an entire folder of images.

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