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Across some parts of this site are links to essays or articles. This is a place to keep them all in one place, and add extras, for interest.

The Modern Web

Ethan Zuckerman (2014). The Internet's Original Sin. This article published in The Atlantic discusses the ad-based internet model we have today and how it is damaging the internet.

Ethan Zuckerman (2019). Building a More Honest Internet. This article discusses social media, its the negative social impacts, and suggests alternate business models.

Olia Lialina (2021). From My to Me This article discusses the evolution of user interfaces and UX design from webmasters to the modern time when graphic designers and back end developers are split roles. It also discusses the change in ownership of online content with a focus on the rise and fall of Geocities. Highly recommended read.


The UNESCO Courier (2021). Open science: A global movement catches on. An article about the importance of making science and academic research open to the public.

Bastian Greshake (2017). Looking into Pandora's Box: The Content of Sci-Hub and its Usage. An article that presents discussion and statistics on why academics pirate articles from paywalled publishers and what articles are most commonly accessed.

Cunningham, Van Bavel, & Somerville (2020). How to be an ethical scientist. An article about the importance of trying to play the long game of science and focus on honest, rigorous work instead of falling prey to short-term traps of the brutal publishing and grants cycle.

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