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Nostalgic Animated Gifs

This page will include a collection of .gifs I remember from the early web, in addition to links for where I found them.

Vivid Memories of Animated GIFs

This page will likely only appeal to a very narrow age bracket. My experience with the early web was browsing fan-sites for my favorite TV-shows at the time, Pokemon and Digimon - specifically around 2001-2002 which was the time Digimon Tamers was airing on Fox Kids. I very vividly remember searching and saving pages and pages of Pokemon and Digimon .gifs so I went looking for them again and found a good number of them along with some Kao-ani. So this page is a small trip down memory lane for me.


kao-ani happy kao-ani happy 02 kao-ani swirly eyes kao-ani question mark kao-ani banzai kao-ani wave kao-ani pikachu kao-ani clefairy kao-ani pikablu


pikachu with pokeball pikachu with grapes angel pikachu angel pikachu 02 pikachu bug catcher pikachu umbrella pikachu with flower pikachu on ball pikachu bouncing ball pikachu balancing ball pikachu balancing on ball pikachu with mail pikachu angel mail pikachu yellow flower raichu


digiegg agumon gatomon leafmon minomon wormmon poromon ken yolei guilmon terriermon rika rika 02 rika walking rika facing henry facing henry walking juri juri facing juri walking takato face takato takato walking koji


Le Monde Des Kaoani A collection of Kao-ani ('anime face') gifs, organised by category. You do not need to be able to speak french to browse this site.

Gif Cities A searchable database of .gifs from old Geocities websites.

Original Sources

I followed the links from GifCities to some of the original sources from Geocities.

More Nostalgia

Hear some nostalgic Pokemon Music.

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