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Top Twenty Rush Songs (According to my Phone)

About Rush

Rush is a prog rock trio from Canada who retired after a long 40 year career.

The band was composed of the singer and bassist Geddy Lee, the electric guitarist Alex Lifeson, and the (late) drummer/percussion specialist and lyricist Neil Peart.

If you wanna see what they look like in 1978, here's a nice photo of them crammed together in a car. Their look and music style changed a lot over 40 years.

About This List

The first Rush songs I heard were The Necromancer (Caress of Steel, 1975) and Xanadu (A Farewell to Kings, 1977) but early this year I discovered more of their music and an obsession developed. I now own all their album releases in mp3 format and have listened to all their studio and live recorded albums.

I thought using a most played list might be a way of objectively sharing my favorite tunes. A few of the items on this list I think are mostly played because they appear directly after other songs on the same album which were played a lot (e.g. Territories after Marathon, Red Sector A after Afterimage, Farewell to Kings after Cygnus X-1). For some different tunes, I made a Favorite Rush songs list which includes even more songs.

My top songs vary between my phone and PC so I added some extras after the initial top twenty for a bit more variety.

(1) Closer to the Heart [Farewell to Kings, 1977]

Rush - Closer To The Heart (Official Music Video) [YouTube].

(2) Far Cry [Snakes & Arrows, 2007]

Rush - Far Cry (Official Video) [YouTube].

(3) The Pass [Presto, 1989]

The Pass (Remastered) [YouTube].

(4) Marathon [Power Windows, 1985]

Marathon [YouTube].

(5) Madrigal [Farewell to Kings, 1977]

Madrigal [YouTube].

(6) Mystic Rhythms [Power Windows, 1985]

Rush - Mystic Rhythms [YouTube].

(7) Time Stand Still [Hold Your Fire, 1987]

Rush - Time Stand Still (Official Music Video) [YouTube].

(8) The Garden [Clockwork Angels, 2012]

The Garden [YouTube].

(9) Cygnus X-1 Book One - The Voyage [Farewell to Kings, 1977]

Cygnus X-1 (Book One - The Voyage) [YouTube].

(10) Distant Early Warning [Grace Under Pressure, 1984]

Rush - Distant Early Warning [YouTube].

(11) The Big Money [Power Windows, 1985]

Rush - The Big Money [YouTube].

(12) The Manhattan Project [Power Windows, 1985]

Manhattan Project [YouTube].

(13) Force Ten [Hold Your Fire, 1987]

Force Ten [YouTube].

(14) Roll the Bones [Roll the Bones, 1991]

Roll the Bones (2004 Remaster) [YouTube].

(15) Anthem [Fly By Night, 1974]

Anthem [YouTube].

(16) A Farewell To Kings [A Farewell To Kings, 1977]

Rush - A Farewell To Kings [YouTube].

(17) Territories [Power Windows, 1985]

Territories [YouTube].

(18) Afterimage [Grace Under Pressure, 1984]

Rush - Afterimage [YouTube].

(19) Middletown Dreams [Power Windows, 1985]

Middletown Dreams [YouTube].

(20) Animate [Counterparts, 1993]

Animate (2004 Remaster) [YouTube].

Top Twenty Rush Songs (According to my PC)

I'm adding some extras that were non-overlapping with this list in the Top Twenty most played songs on my PC.

(2) Vital Signs [Moving Pictures, 1981]

Rush - Vital Signs [YouTube].

(4) Red Sector A [Grace Under Pressure, 1984]

Red Sector A [YouTube].

(7) The Enemy Within [Grace Under Pressure, 1984]

Rush - The Enemy Within [YouTube].

(8) Fly By Night [Fly By Night, 1974]

Rush - Fly By Night [YouTube].

(10) Best I Can [Fly By Night, 1974]

Best I Can [YouTube].

(11) Making Memories [Fly By Night, 1974]

Making Memories [YouTube].

(13) Beneath, Between & Behind [Fly By Night, 1974]

Beneath, Between & Behind [YouTube].

(15) The Body Electric [Grace Under Pressure, 1984]

Rush - The Body Electric [YouTube].

(17) Open Secrets [Hold Your Fire, 1987]

Open Secrets [YouTube].

Bonus Track

The top played Rush adjacent song is Still from Geddy Lee's solo album, My Favorite Headache, because I played it on repeat all day.

It has been played more than any Rush song on this page, believe it or not.

(1) Still [My Favorite Headache, 2000]

Still [YouTube].

The Albums Represented

Some links to the albums (outgoing links to the official Rush website):

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