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This page is a small collection of Cute Gifs I found on GifCities. If I saw it and it made me go "aww, cute" or smile I put it here.

If you want to use the animation controls on your own website, check out the Accessible Gif Toggle page where I share code and demos.

Animation Controls

Animations are turned off by default. Instructions:

Hamtaro / Hamsters

hamtaro falling over hamtaro jumping and clapping hamtaro blinking with a sparkle hamster family walking to the left with a sign 'BACK' behind them hamtaro rubbing his face hamtaro sniffing left, right, and up hamtaro waving and winking


Chibi-usa from Sailor Moon waving her wand and smiling Sailor Pluto opening a portal to Japan Charmander sleeping Anime girl blinking Anime maid spinning around Anime boy and girl with fairy floss walking on a date Mew with hearts A full figure Henry from Digimon Tamers blinking Pichu eating watermelon A full figure Ruki from Digimon Tamers blinking Hikaru from Magic Knight Rayearth speaking Video game character creating stars with a broom


Cat hovering with letter Alien kao-ani juggling heart Two Kao-ani clinking martini glasses Pink Kao-ani bowing and looking apologetic Pink Kao-ani spinning and doing the victory hand sign Pink Kao-ani pointing happily at a mail box Kao-ani waving with a welcome sign behind it Yellow Kao-ani with shooting stars falling above it


3D dolphin floating with its head and fins out of water Cat self grooming Green Bubble Bobble dragon winking and making the victory sign with a star Yellow smilie face flipping a pancake in a frying pan Rabbit hopping along with a pancake balanced on its head Rainbow Yoshi walking in place and changing colour


Gif Cities A searchable database of .gifs from old Geocities websites.

Original Sources

I followed the links from GifCities to some of the original sources. If one is not listed it is because the Gif would not load from the original source or it is included in another page as part of a collection.

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