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Banners and Badges

This page compiles 88x31px and 80x15px banners and badges. Most are from circa 2000 but there are some new ones.

I made the 88x31px bi-flag, the 80x15px Try Vegan and Use Ecosia banner, and the Affinity Designer/Photo/Publisher banners (with the text kind of cut off - but I got the brand colours!).

If you want to use the code that toggles the animated GIFs, see Accessible Gif Toggle.

88x31px Banners

Free Stuff Central Internet Free World Wide Web
Viewable in Any Browser
Choose Mozilla Mozilla Neocities web hosting Flash free page Got HTML? IrfanView Preserve with the Internet Archive icon Midi Files Now Made with Notepad++ Made with Notepad++ with the lizard mascot Have a smile! Pika with a smiling pikachu face
Rainbow queer flag Bi flag
Sign my Guestbook Sweet Homepage in pastel colours with a crescent moon and stars The Digital Me WinAMP media player Y2K bubbly font in rainbow colours with a starry background

80x15px Badges

My Mood with a smilie face About Me with a love heart Affinity Designer Affinity Photo Affinity Publisher I am agnostic Any browser Aussie with the Australian flag I love anime CC (creative commons) licensed coffee addict Digital Freedom Email Me Faves Firefox Firefox I Heart Books GLBT
I love music Library I love
No pop ups Notepad++ Notepad++ with a rainbow gecko heart is heart is heart pride with a rainbow flag pride with a rainbow flag variant Ragnarok with a poring, a pink slime creature Thunderbird try vegan use Ecosia Windows powered


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