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This page gives some background on why and how Ash Ketchum vs Climate Change was developed.


This story is an experiment. It is ultimately a satirical take on climate change from the perspective of Ash Ketchum from Pokemon. It should not be taken seriously as a work of fiction, because it was done purely for fun (hence why it is in the Fun Stuff section).

An Experiment In Creativity

The way I used the internet during the early web was very different to how I use it now. One thing I used to do a lot was use screenshots I had gathered from resources online to create Pokemon stories (usually in the format of a powerpoint presentation). They were essentially short fanfiction with pictures but were close to a stream of consciousness type of writing where you would try to connect scenes from different contexts. I only edited the text once for readability and I did not let myself change any of the pictures I originally chose. I did this exercise because I wanted to explore some of the ways I used to use the web.


Before I saw some of the Pokemon movies I was exposed to the images first from the galleries on Serebii.net. These use small thumbnails and essentially show a moment by moment depiction of the film. I remember talking to my sister about what could possibly be happening in the scene just by seeing screenshots, and I remember my reaction seeing Bianca/Kanon kiss Ash on the cheek in Pokemon Heroes before I ever saw it on screen. It surprised me because it was the most overt show of romance in the series at that point if you ignore Brock's mostly failed attempts at flirting.


All the images sourced for this exercise were originally from Serebii.net's movie galleries. It includes screenshots from Mewtwo Strikes Back, The Power of One, Spell of the Unown and Pokemon Heroes. I selected images from these films and then scaled them down to the smallest available thumbnail size.

Mewtwo Strikes Back Pictures
The Power of One Pictures
Spell of the Unown Pictures
Pokemon Heroes Pictures

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