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Ash Ketchum vs Climate Change - Part 01

The Pokemon World. A land full of creatures, large and small, each unique and filled with personality.

The World of Pokemon is vast and spans several continents. Numerous and varied Pokemon live across the world.

In the sea, a myriad of Pokemon co-exist in harmony. It is a thriving environment teeming with life.

On land, Pokemon dig in the ground, eating rocks. Even in the Pokemon world, something as boring as a rock can become alive!

In the air and trees, all manner of bugs and insects keep the air filled with the sound of beating wings.

Ash, Misty, and Brock travel across Kanto to find new Pokemon and learn more about the Pokemon world. For many years they have traveled together as good friends. But as they travel across the Pokemon World, they cannot help but notice something is amiss.

It's more than what is reported on TV, though that certainly does not help.

Blizzards force Pokemon to migrate across vast distances. Many do not survive.

Disturbed by increased earthquake activity, many Pokemon hurry to find a new place to call home.

This leads to pockets of high Pokemon activity, and an unintended side effect. One day, while traveling by the sea on an otherwise perfectly normal day, Ash decided to broach the subject with his friends.

'Don't you think it's weird there aren't any Pokemon out here, Misty?' Ash asked. 'This is supposed to be a tour boat. They said we would see plenty of new Pokemon... So where are they?'

Misty, enraptured by the crystal clear waters, smiled at the sands and small goldeen flitting below. 'Oh, there are some Pokemon here. You're just looking at the wrong place.'

'Oh, am I?' Ash grumbled, voice growing louder.

'Then how come when we were traveling upstream we saw no Pokemon in the trees, or the river? You say there's Goldeen down there, but they're puny and sick.'

'And the shoreline was completely abandoned. I didn't see a single Krabby there.'

'It is just a bad day for business,' Brock commented, lightly. As Ash was about to argue back, a sudden loud screech, made them all look toward the sky.

They were stunned by what they saw. Large flocks of Pidgey, flying out to sea.

'You're going the wrong way!' Brock called to them, waving his arm. 'The land is back that way.'

'Ash, send out your Pigeotto and tell them to return to land,' Misty demanded. 'They'll die out in the ocean. Don't they know there's nothing out that way?'

'Misty...' Ash muttered, under his breath. 'My Pigeotto's gone, I released it. Don't you remember?'

'What? Oh.' Misty blinked, coming to her senses. 'Sorry, Ash.'

She sat back on the boat as Brock instructed the driver to return from their so-called tour. The sight of the migrating Pidgey had them spooked.

'What are they flying from?' Misty questioned.

'News report after news report of changed weather patterns,' Brock said. 'It can't be a coincidence.'

'Hey, I have an idea,' Misty turned to Ash and smiled broadly.

'What do you think we should do about it, Ash? You're the one who brought it up, after all.'

'Err... What do I think we should do about the weather? Er, can we do anything?' Ash remarked, bashfully.

'Well, yeah, you seem to want to do something,' Misty said. 'Besides, Tracey can help too. Once he takes us back to land, anyway.'

'Hey Driver,' Brock started. 'Are we back at Pallet town yet?'

'Forget Pallet town,' Tracey said. 'I'll take you to the source of these problems.'

'You mean there's a way to fix this?' Ash exclaimed, excitedly.

'Sure,' Tracey replied. 'You saw on the news. There is some kind of supernatural growth by Cinnabar Island.'

'Oh, I heard about that,' Brock said. 'Crystal structures which turn flowers and plants to ice that never melts.'

'If there's a way to stop this, then we have to try it,' Ash said. 'Right Pikachu?'

'We can go infiltrate this crystal structure, fix whatever the problem is, and then the Pokemon will return to land, all the weather abnormalities will be stopped... everything will be back to normal!'

'Pika!' Pikachu agreed enthusiastically. It was as good a plan as any.

'I don't know, Ash,' Brock started. 'What if this is bigger than that?'

'Do you have any brighter ideas?' Misty asked, before muttering so only Brock could hear. 'At least it will get him to shut up.'

By the time they arrived on land it was dark. Tracey brought up his laptop and showed them a map to the location. 'It'll be a few days hike but you should get there soon enough.'

'Great!' Ash cried. 'Thanks Tracey!'

'Thank me when you get back alive,' Tracey said. 'That place looks spooky.'

A few days later they spotted the crystal structure in the distance. A beautiful field of flowers marked the way, the sky clear. No Pokemon were seen in the area. It was deserted.

'This must be the place,' Ash said.

They stopped at the sound of crunching beneath their feet and the air chilled. Ash lifted his feet and looked closely at the ground.

'Ugh, what's this?' Ash stammered. 'Are these really normal flowers?'

'They look so... alien,' Misty agreed.

As he spoke, the crystals seemed to respond to his voice and grew and morphed to create a wall right before them. They stepped back in surprise.

'You mean it's alive?' Brock croaked.

'But the crystal building is still so far away,' Misty whispered. 'Could this be the work of a psychic Pokemon?'

'Whatever it is, it wants us to go in.'

A glowing liquid portal glistened. Ash was the only one who stepped forward. At the hesitence of the others, he felt his temper rising.

'Are you seriously going to let me go in alone!?'

'This is it, it has to be. Something in there is changing the weather and we have to stop it.'

'This could be somebody's idea of a joke,' Brock mused. 'It might not be related to the weather at all. After all, Johto is affected too - isn't that on the other side of the world?'

Misty leaned forward, considering his words.

'That's a good point, Brock. What if this is just a trap that Team Rocket invented to get Ash to do something stupid?'

'Oh so that's how it is,' Ash snapped. 'You're just trying to humor me, you actually had no intention of trying to figure out how to stop Pokemon from flying out to sea to die, did you?'

After Misty and Brock exchanged a nervous glance and started to speak, Ash shook his head angrily. 'No, unless you're going to say you're coming with me, I don't want to hear it. See you guys. Come on, Pikachu.'

With a bit of a wriggle, he squeezed through the portal, feeling his senses chill as he went through.

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