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Favorite Games

I have played a lot of games over the years so it was difficult to narrow it down to a small list. I also wanted to focus on games that meant a lot to me rather than just what's considered the best in the category.

Yellow Version (GBC)

Yellow Version splash screen

My first Pokemon game, where you explore Kanto, get Pokemon and win Gym badges. I remember feeling like I cheated the game when I learned you could feed Pikachu hyper potion (or potions) repeatedly at full health to make Pikachu happy.
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Pokemon Ruby (GBA)

Ruby Version splash art

My second Pokemon game. I really liked the climate change focus and how the world changes on the z-axis depending on which version you picked, it felt like there were actual stakes with the story. I also really liked that you could make hide-outs and the use different bikes to solve puzzles.
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Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (GBC)

Harry Potter Chamber of Secrets screenshot

When you beat this game you get new game plus, and I got NG+ up to seven times, and unlocked all the secret items and got all the chocolate frog cards. This game has a lot of humor, good pixel art and chiptune music, and is just fun.
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YU-NO: A girl who chants love at the bound of this world (NEC PC-98)

YU NO menu background image

The pixel art version of this game is 18+ and also only has a fantranslation available to download online. This game really opened my eyes to the nonlinear and complex storytelling that can happen in visual novels and the artwork continues to inspire me. Incredible chiptune soundtrack by Ryu Uemoto.
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Anarchy Online (PC)

Anarchy Online cover

This is a really old MMO that I have a lot of fond memories with. A science fiction RPG with some really strange metaphysical, science fiction, technopunk elements - there is even a class called Metaphysicist and metaphysical emotions can manifest in dark places.
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The Longest Journey (PC)

Longest Journey cover

FUNCOM's game project before Anarchy Online. Much of the same spirit of AO is condensed in the Longest Journey by following an artist struggling for inspiration, April Ryan, on her journey to save the parallel world of Arcadia. April is one of the most relatable female characters I've ever played as.
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