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Pixel Art

This page shows pixel art I've made, using a variety of softwares such as GraphicsGale, Aseprite, and even Clip Studio Paint (more info in Software).
Many are fanart, or inspired by video games.
Larger pixel art are shown as 70x70px thumbnails; click to see a larger size.


Since discovering Neocities this year I tried making a few animations. They're not complete, but I thought I'd share anyway!

blinking anime girl
heart animation
animated vegan banner


Click to see fullsize. These thumbnails include Kanna Hatano (YU-NO, NEC PC-98 game) and Sypha (Castlevania Netflix).

Kanna Hatano thumbnail
Sypha thumbnail

Original size. A 1-bit eyeball and a Poké Ball.

1bit Eye


Some studies of the Game Boy Color game Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (HP COS). Also, Mariko and Lucy (Elfen Lied). Original size.

Harry Potter pixelart
Harry Potter pixelart
Elfen Lied pixelart
Elfen Lied pixelart


In this year I participated in Pixel Dailies and started doing pixel art. Shown at original size.

1bit Cyberpunk
Nintendo Switch

Click to see fullsize images. The first two are NEC PC-98 inspired (YU-NO), then a study of a statue, inspired by Blasphemous. Lastly, Wizardmon (Digimon Adventure).

Tokyo, Nagano thumbnail
Tokyo, Sawara thumbnail
Statue thumbnail
Wizardmon thumbnail

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