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This page shows pixel art I've made, using a variety of softwares such as GraphicsGale, Aseprite, and even Clip Studio Paint (see my Dithering Brush set in Freebies).
Many are fanart, or inspired by video games.
Larger pixel art are shown as 70x70px thumbnails; click to see a larger size.


An anime style illustration. A woman has shoulder length sleek violet hair, long eyelashes, and a pointed chin. She is wearing a thick coat with a faux fur lining around the neck. She is wearing a choker with spikes and has a bionic eye that glows pink.


PC88 mock up visual novel screenshot featuring an high school girl watering a strawberry bush, a strawberry plant care interface on the right hand side, and a text box at the bottom with dialogue for a character named Nanami
Game title screen thumbnail
Rika from Digimon Tamers
A lone shrub with fresh green leaves in a lush green clearing. The small tree is positioned to the left with the main light source pointed at the middle of the composition. The colours are warm shifted with yellow greens so it feels like afternoon light.

Rika PC-98 Animation

I made an animation of Rika from Digimon Tamers with audio. I learned a lot about Aseprite's animation features from this project.

The vocals are from episode 06 of the anime, the VA is Fumiko Orikasa. The audio was processed by a script by Soundshock (github) to make it sound like it came from a PC-98. The commissioned chiptune music is by @fusoxide (Twitter).

See the original .gif animation (no sound) at its original dimensions.

If the embedded YouTube does not load, here's the YouTube link.


Kanna Hatano thumbnail
Sypha thumbnail
1bit Eye



It all started in 2019 I participated in Pixel Dailies and started doing pixel art.

Some of the fanart include:

Around the time I made the tree website banner, I had spent a lot of time going to parks and found being among nature relaxing and a nice mental balm. From going from social media to discovering Neocities felt a lot like leaving a stressful situation and finding somewhere wonderful and shielded from the outside cyber world.

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