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This page shows manga-style artwork I've made in Clip Studio Paint. This page includes older artwork not available elsewhere so you can see progression over time.


Featured is Saint Tail (Kaitou Saint Tail), Lina Inverse (Slayers), and Farnese (Berserk).
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Saint Tail Portrait Thumbnail
Saint Tail Thumbnail
Saint Tail Thumbnail
Lina Inverse Portrait Thumbnail
Lina Inverse Thumbnail
Lina Inverse Thumbnail
Farnese Portrait Thumbnail
Farnese Thumbnail
Farnese Thumbnail
Farnese with Golem Thumbnail


A lot of the art I made in 2017-2020 fits in other categories. Still, I made some artwork inspired by the film Angel's Egg, and a drawing of Rika and Renamon (Digimon Tamers).

Angel's Egg
Rika and Renamon walking

But these are low resolution...

If you would like to see even higher resolution versions of these images, you can find links to my pixiv or Artstation on the Contact Me page.

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