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This page includes sample artwork not on my portfolios (2018 and back) so you can see progression over time. Click the thumbnail to see a full size image.


I drew a herb in a botanical illustration style.

botanical illustration colour
botanical illustration black and white


I participated in a 3-day game jam to make a short visual novel and contributed illustrations of apartment rooms and sentient furniture.

The best way to experience the illustrations is through playing the game so I encourage you to take a look. It only takes about 5 minutes to get each ending and you can play in-browser so it will not take long to go through the game. I am credited under my alias Tarren.

Ludum Dare Game: Home Tripper

I additionally did an isometric style illustration with a magic portal inspired by The Longest Journey (FUNCOM).

Isometric fantasy bench


I spent most of 2020 doing digital paintings. One is Ghibli inspired and based on a dream I had and the other is Dark Souls III fanart and is called Ambrosia in the Profaned Capital. The other two are Bargue plate studies.

Ghibli inspired dream garden
Dark Souls III fanart
Bargue study hand
Bargue study head

2018: Mock up book illustration

I made a mock-up illustration for an urban fantasy novel I wrote (110,000 words).

It had surrealist elements as the characters had to meditate and enter an altered trance-like state to use any magic. It had dystopian elements and involves a lot of skulking around a mortuary so dead or skeletal animals feature on the cover - a fish as the protagonist works on a fishing trawler and a longma, dragon horse creature from Chinese mythology, which the protagonist sees when she uses magic. Mental illness was another prominent theme particularly derealisation so the main character's head is being attacked by her own magic.

The manuscript had serious unresolvable issues so will never see the light of day but people who saw this said it looked cool and like an album cover.

Urban Fantasy Bookcover

2018: Makoto Shinkai inspired background

Makoto Shinkai inspired building


This is old art not shown in any portfolios. The illustrations were made in ink and scanned. It features Fantastic Beasts series characters Credence Baredbone and Newt Scamander, and an original character in a surreal scene.

Credence Barebone
Newt Scamander
Surreal Flower Girl


Shown is a female fencer made in Clip Studio Paint and a bee (study from a photo) made in GIMP.

Female Fencer illustration
Bee photo study

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