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This page includes sample artwork not on my portfolios (2018 and back) so you can see progression over time. Click the thumbnail to see a full size image.


botanical illustration colour
botanical illustration black and white
Isometric fantasy bench
Ghibli inspired dream garden
Dark Souls III fanart
Bargue study hand
Bargue study head
Urban Fantasy Bookcover
Makoto Shinkai inspired building


Lucatiel from Dark Souls II
A girl wakes from her alarm clock
A woman tears off her skin seemingly unphased(body horror)
The Gelflings Jen and Kira sit in the woods
A scene from The End of Evangelion where Asuka's Eva rips another one apart, their scale dwarfs the trees they stand on
Winslow Leach wearing a silver mask stares at a camera at the ceiling
A patient in a hospital pours a bottle of pills in her mouth
A sick hospital patient holds up shattered crystals which have exploded from inside him
A woman kneels to tend to a pile of sweets underneath a confession booth bench
A mixture of a skater and a messenger deity is scating on motion lines
A man drowns in an underwater cave while otters swim around him
A scene from the movie Wild at Heart, the couple is reunited in the end
Credence Barebone
Newt Scamander
Surreal Flower Girl


Female Fencer illustration
Bee photo study
Credence Barebone portrait with the Obscurus behind him
Paul Atriedes and Chani painting study
Johnny Weir figure skater painting study
Khaleesi and her newly hatched dragon on her shouler painting study
Kylo Ren sitting and observing a sunset with his mask off made with copic marker
Kylo Ren portrait with a blood red decaying moon in the background
Lacis is a female android model who is plugging a cord into her neck in to be charged
A portrait study of Remus Lupin from Harry Potter
Olga and the Phoenix from Phoenix 277 in copic marker
A royal sits on a chair with a rose pattern on her cloak
A surreal image of a woman eating roses behind stained glass
The Digimon Sakuyamon
Sansa Stark from Game of Thrones painting study
A seashell themed watercolour drawing

Ludum Dare 2021

I participated in a 3-day game jam to make a short visual novel and contributed illustrations of apartment rooms and sentient furniture.

The best way to experience the illustrations is through playing the game so I encourage you to take a look. It only takes about 5 minutes to get each ending and you can play in-browser so it will not take long to go through the game. I am credited under my alias Tarren.

Ludum Dare Game: Home Tripper


In 2021 I made an isometric fan art of the Longest Journey (Funcom).

I spent most of 2020 doing digital paintings in Clip Studio Paint. They were inspired by the following works:

In 2017 I made artworks for Inktober 2017 in addition to some traditional ink illustrations separate to that. Some are original but some fanworks include:

In 2016 I made fanworks of:

I used Artrage and GIMP for these.

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