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Graphic Design

Here you can find typography, logos, and package design I have made. Consider this entire website a piece of graphic design too if you want! Click on the 70x70px icons to see a fullsize image.


For class I participated in 36daysoftype on Instagram. I made a typeface based on the futurist art movement and incorporated a modern element inspired by photosynthesis in cells.

36daysoftype letters and numbers


My favorite piece of graphic design I made is soda cans for 'Leet Fizz', based on leets from Anarchy Online (Funcom) (link to AO Wiki Image). I made the flat design in Inkscape then applied it to the rendered can in Blender.

Leet Fizz flat design
Leet Fizz rendered can


I made a logo for my alias "Tarren Stroud". This used the letter shapes 'T' and 'S' and is to make the shape of a candle holder. There is a colour version, a black and white version, and a squashed version to show at small size.

Tarren Stroud candle logo color Tarren Stroud candle logo black and white Tarren Stroud candle logo small black and white

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