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This page shows anime and manga-style artwork I've made in Clip Studio Paint. Unlike my online portfolios I am including some older artwork so you can see some progression. Click a thumbnail to see a fullsize version in a new window.


Saint Tail Portrait Thumbnail
Saint Tail Thumbnail
Saint Tail Thumbnail
Lina Inverse Portrait Thumbnail
Lina Inverse Thumbnail
Lina Inverse Thumbnail
Farnese Portrait Thumbnail
Farnese Thumbnail
Farnese Thumbnail
Farnese with Golem Thumbnail


Merkle tree anime girl
Bianca and Latias transformation
Angel's Egg
Rika and Renamon walking

About the Artwork

In 2020-2021 I drew the following characters:

In 2017-2019 I drew an artwork inspired by the Merkle Tree hash tree algorithm (Merkle tree Wikipedia page) which is used in cryptography. I think my artwork improved a lot after 2018 but I also made fanart of:

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