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This page shows anime-style artwork I've made in Clip Studio Paint. Unlike my online portfolios I am including some older artwork so you can see some progression. Click a thumbnail to see a fullsize version in a new window.


Featured is Alucard (Castlevania Netflix), Miriam (Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night), Kanna Hatano (YU-NO), and Ichigo (Tokyo Mew Mew).


This section has fanart of Re-L (Ergo Proxy).


This artwork was inspired by the Merkle Tree hash tree algorithm (Merkle tree Wikipedia page) which is used in cryptography.

Merkle tree anime girl


I think my artwork improved a lot after 2018 but this Pokemon fanart of Kanon (Bianca) and Latias was popular with a few people.

Bianca and Latias transformation

But these are low resolution...

If you would like to see even higher resolution versions of these images, you can find links to my pixiv or Artstation on the Contact Me page. Keep in mind older artwork are not available on any online portfolio.

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