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This is an announcements archive. Any post older than ~1 month will be placed here.


04 July 2022: Added 2px tracking to the Pixel Glade heading and added a few Guide links to Veganism.

03 July 2022: Added a link on the navigation bar to the Blog.

12 June 2022: Finished uploading the fanfiction Ash Ketchum vs Climate Change to Fun Stuff. Added a section Games to Favorite Things.


11 June 2022: Added a Pokemon fanfiction Ash Ketchum vs Climate Change to Fun Stuff.

06 June 2022: New Links page under Misc so banners to other Neocities sites and my banner will live there. Also redid the navigation bar so there are less items on it. Web Nostalgia re-organised into Fun Stuff and the My Artwork panel is now under About Me.


22 May 2022: New Vegan Recipes including a Refried Bean and Avocado Wrap, Vegan Feta, Vegan Spanakopita, and a Baking section with Chocolate and Nut Bars.

15 May 2022: I set up some internal links across the art-related pages.

14 May 2022: A 88x31px banner is now on the homepage. Until I set up the affiliate links page it will hang out here. I also updated Web Nostalgia with some links to the original gifs and also added an Anki Flashcard deck for figure drawing to Freebies.

08 May 2022: Added Art Resources, a page you can navigate to from Resources > Websites. I expanded the website list for art reference and resources, including perspective tutorials and more.

07 May 2022: Updated Resources > Vegan Recipes with two lentil recipes: one a carrot and lentil soup and the other is an orange greek salad. Let me know if you try any recipes I've posted! More to come.

01 May 2022: Added Favorites Lists > Fav Manga and Fav Anime and updated the Sitemap.


30 April 2022: The Artwork > Graphic Design page is now live and I added some more recent artwork to Illustration and finally added the Sitemap.

24 April 2022: The Artwork > Illustration page is now live though more recent works (2021-2022) will be added soon. I also added some older artwork to the Anime and Manga pages.

23 April 2022: I updated the Vegan Recipes page and added content to the Misc > Web Nostalgia and Misc > Music page. I also made an Announcements Archive so to avoid clogging the homepage. More content still to come.

19 April 2022: I reworded the About > Web Manifesto to be a bit less ranty but also importantly added a new article to that page called From My to Me by Olia Lialina. A highly recommended read about the rise and fall of Geocities and the impact this has had on ownership of content on the web.

18 April 2022: I added Resources > Books, and replaced the break tags between link sections on the Websites and Software pages with closing paragraph tags because I was finding it hard to read. I also added the Copyright page, so there are some guidelines if you would like to copy the HTML/CSS of this site. Misc > Favorites Lists finally has an entry Favorites Lists > Favorite Books!

17 April 2022: Newly active pages include Artwork > Manga, Artwork > Anime, and Artwork > Pixel Art. Added recipes to Resources > Vegan Recipes, and more to come!

16 April 2022 (02): Currently active pages include About Me > Web Manifesto, Veganism, My Work, and Contact Me. Additionally, Resources > Software, Websites, and Freebies. Finally, Misc > Guestbook is available. I also noticed my site has 300+ views on day one which is amazing to me - thank you for your interest!

16 April 2022: Loaded the homepage to Neocities to test the layout on different platforms. URLs and website content are currently inactive, please keep an eye out for the next update.