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About Me

This page is an overview of my motivations for making this website, who I am, and my background as an illustrator and scientist.

Why I made this website

I ultimately made this website because I wanted more freedom online and a digital refuge away from social media. Read my Web Manifesto, one of the first web-pages I made on this site, for my critique on the modern web, why I decided to become a part of the small web movement, and articles about the current state of the web.

More about me

I am currently studying a Diploma in Graphic Design. Before studying design I completed a Bachelor of Science in Psychology (Honours) and a PhD in Neuroscience. To learn more, read more about my life as a scientist on The Science Hub. It is not a coincidence I named the URL after the platform Sci-Hub.


One motivation I had in making this website was sharing Vegan Recipes. If you're wondering why, you can Read My Page on Veganism, where I outline why and how I went vegan and share additional resources.


During my PhD I returned to making artwork which I had not touched since high school. I found it very rewarding to see tangible progress on small art projects and I became more zealous and passionate about creating visuals. All the artwork on this site made prior to mid-2021 was made during my graduate degree.