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I'm pixelglade, an illustrator, pixel artist, and graphic designer in Brisbane, Australia.

This is a personal website to help you learn more about me, to gather artwork, recipes, and curate online resources.

For off-site links to my online portfolios see the Contact Me page. See the My Artwork page for all that and more - old artwork not seen elsewhere and extra commentary. To follow me on Neocities, please visit my Neocities profile.

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16 September 2023: Made a light mode for this site using the prefers-color-scheme css media query. The colour contrast meets AAA WCAG standards and there is even a custom banner (and like the dark mode banner, it's 6KB in size so it loads quickly).

To test it, press F12 to load Developer Tools (Firefox) and press the light or dark mode toggle (moon and sun icons).

09 September 2023: Updated almost all the website collections to have additional entries. New page Miscellaneous Links for some language learning resources.

05 September 2023: Uploaded artwork studies from 2019-2023 to Studies.

03 September 2023: Uploaded some new Neocities mutuals banners to the Links page.

01 September 2023: Re-organised and re-styled the Commission Guidelines page, and made a Commission Request form for the Commissions Requests page.

I learned a fair bit of form styling and javascript for this so I'm quite pleased with it.

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