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I'm pixelglade, an illustrator, pixel artist, and graphic designer in Brisbane, Australia.

This is a personal website to help you learn more about me, to gather artwork, recipes, and curate online resources.

For off-site links to my online portfolios see the Contact Me page. See the My Artwork page for all that and more - old artwork not seen elsewhere and extra commentary. To follow me on Neocities, please visit my Neocities profile.

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27 Nov 2023: New artwork added to the Studies page.

Five new studies added to study screenshots from anime. Included are painting studies of stills from Five Star Stories and X, and pixel art studies of stills from Magical Girl Pretty Sammy, X, and Ruin Explorers. Additionally, updated the thumbnails to all use 70x70px format.

19 Nov 2023: New pixel art fanart of Mew from Pokemon flying over a field with some wind turbines.

05 Nov 2023: Updates:

  • RSS Button added to the homepage.
  • Affinity program link added to Paintbrush.
  • Yumi Co (citypop and funk) radio added to Online Radio.

27 Oct 2023: Updates:

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