Pixel Glade


This page is for stuff I've made that you can use for free. If you are looking for free gifs for your site, try Web Nostalgia. This page includes a pixel art brush set, art raffle code, and figure drawing flashcards.

Dithering Brushes
Download pixel art brushes for Clip Studio Paint and Krita here.
Art Raffle Code
Link to my github repo for Python code which extracts data from Twitter using the Tweepy API and the GeckoDriver web scraper to find the intersection between likes, follows, retweets on a post.
Anki Flashcards
So far there is only one flashcard deck which is a Figure Drawing Anki flashcard deck which uses free resources from Proko. If I make more flashcard decks they will go here.

Accessible Gif Toggle
I share an accessible Gif Pauser code with demos and instructions. It includes batch processing GIF files, a button toggle, and how to make images animate on mouse hover or keyboard targeting.

More Art Stuff

There's a list of art books in Books.

There is a collection of art-related weblinks at Art Resources