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Art Resources

This page compiles websites for art reference including anime style tutorials, screentones, manga fonts, perspective drawing tutorials, figure drawing and anatomy tools, and classical art resource databases.

Art Reference

The Metropolitan Museum of Art
MET museum logo
The MET's online gallery is a treasure trove of historical resources at high resolution, I have spent hours on here.
Discogs logo
Useful for looking up album covers, I have also spent hours on here.
Aesthetic Research Institute
cari logo
Graphic designers and researchers have documented their attempts to categorise art movements or aesthetics after the 1970s. Find names to describe aesthetics you may remember from days forgotten.
Finding Advertisements
Michigan library logo
Tips and database links from Michigan State University to find historical advertising reference.
Settei Dreams
Settei dreams logo
A database of character reference sheets for japanese animators, excellent resource for learning to draw your favorite anime characters.
Gurney Journey
James Gurney blog photo
A blog full of detailed articles about art by Dinotopia creator James Gurney. May help you learn about some impressionist or realist artists and their techniques.
Booklive logo
A Japanese eBook site, but you can find some manga here not on other sites, I've bought a few for visual reference as they weren't legally available in English.

Pixel Art References

Mobygames logo
Screenshot compilations for a variety of retro consoles, warning some 18+. Many pixel art games are recorded on this site in case you are looking for reference material.
Spriter's Resource
Spriter's Resource logo
Sprites and backgrounds from classic games. Excellent for studying sprites from old games.
Image Dithering
dithered grayscale Portal cube
A description and source code of 11 dithering algorithms by the creator of PhotoDemon's dithering engine. Will be of interest to pixel artists and those interested in image processing algorithms.

Anime Style Tutorials

Anime Style Tutorials (Ichi-Up)
Ichi Up logo
Ichi-up is a japanese site with high quality anime illustration tutorials written by professional artists. Download a translator plug-in for your browser and enjoy this great and overlooked resource.
Lemma Soft Forum Resources
anime girl smiling
Artistic resources for those interested in visual novel and story-based games.
How to Draw and Paint Glittering Eyes (Ichi-Up)
glittering anime eye closeup
A translator plug in is recommended for Ichi-Up tutorials. Learn techniques to make a glossy anime eye.
How to Draw Fruits - Strawberry and Lemon (Ichi-Up)
illustrated strawberry closeup
I never got around to doing this one but it looks really appealing, would be good for food illustrators.
How to Copy To Be Able to Draw (Ichi-Up)
grayscale illustrated anime mannequin
A useful tutorial to help you replicate poses from memory. Mainly it reinforces the necessity to practice drawing from memory.
Paint Hair In 7 Steps (Ichi-Up)
anime hair closeup
Some useful tips here to select colours and make your anime hair look 'glossy'.
How to Draw Long Wavy Hair By Referring To A Ribbon (Ichi-Up)
wavy anime hair closeup
Helped me with drawing wavy hair.

Manga Drawing Resources (Digital)

Screentones for Photoshop
screentone dots
Downloadable screentones, including dot patterns, noise or static tones, lines, plaids, wires, weaves, and bubble style tones.
Let's Create a Manga (in CSP)
female Clip Studio Paint tutorial host
An official video resource but goes into some depth on using the manga drawing and creation tools in Clip Studio Paint.
Free (Japanese) Fonts For Manga
manga speech bubble close up
Different kinds of manga-style fonts if you want to type japanese characters. Even includes a pixel-based font.

Perspective Drawing Tutorials

Perspective Grid Assignments
perspective grid
Good exercises to help you get used to eyeballing perspective grids. I use this technique quite a lot to create a perspective grid.
The Theory and Practice of Perspective by G. A. Storey
one point perspective grid
A useful free resource to help you get used to projecting shapes in perspective.
HandPrint: Advanced Perspective Techniques
grid lines for circle
Not for beginners but a helpful breakdown of circles in perspective with different techniques. Would be helpful for drawing a spiral staircase.
Circular-Based Arches
equilateral arch
Some terminology and drawing techniques for architectural arches.

Figure Drawing

Quick Poses logo
Timed resource to practice figure drawing.
Male Head Light Reference
grayscale faceted head
An in-browser 3D tool that lets you rotate a faceted human head and the light source. Helpful to get the light right on faces.


3d medical logo
A free tool for viewing muscles, skeletons, and more in your browser. Rotate, zoom, and pan over 3D models.

Classical Art

Digital Rare Books Archive
Classicist logo
The Institute of Classical Architecture & Art has collected a large number of public domain resources about old objects, artifacts, architecture, building techniques, ornaments, and much more.
Classics Databases by Harvard University
Harvard Classics logo
Tools and resources for finding records of old objects, online collections, museum catalogues, inscriptions, archaeology, and more.

Vegan Art Materials

Vegan Art Supplies
Jackson art logo
A blog post by a website called Jackson Art with examples of products that are vegan and an explanation of which versions aren't vegan.
Vegan Gesso
A short blog post by artistvegan on Wordpress about gesso (type of glue typically made of animal matter) and vegan alternatives (namely acrylic glues).
Alternatives to Beeswax
bee polinating flower
An article by the website Crafting a Green World about candelilla wax as an alternative to beeswax for crafting projects.


Monitor callibration: Setting Gamma
screen gamma test
How colours and value range should look when Gamma is set correctly.

More Resources

There's a list of art books in Art Books.
There are some art-related downloads in Freebies.

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