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Name: ETX
Date: March 23, 2024
Love your art style 🙌- "And out exhausted future is the wine to my cherry lip"
Name: jayne
Date: March 14, 2024
your page is accomplishing everything you've wanted it to!!
Name: luke
Date: March 13, 2024
hey a fellow vegan! but also i LOVE your art. your pixel art's awesome of course but i love the manga-style stuff. and someone else who read claudine? amazing (have you checked out riyoko ikeda's oniisama e?)
Name: Melvian
Date: February 8, 2024
Really cool art!
Name: fallcat
Date: December 30, 2023
I love u my fellow vegan ❤️
Name: hattie
Date: December 09, 2023
i stumbled upon your site by complete accident and really enjoyed my stay. your manifestos and writings really resonated with me. your pixel art journey was interesting to see, i hope you'll keep creating for many more years to come!
Name: natalie
Date: December 01, 2023
very cool pixel art, you're very talented 😀
Name: Deya
Date: September 28, 2023
This website is so cool!!!!!
Name: Quazar
Date: September 25, 2023
hello! got here via the random button on the Neocreatives webring, though I'd mention that you've been added there since apparently they don't let people know lol
Name: Ms. Fernby
Date: August 7, 2023
Love the pixel art & recipes. The colour choices are awesome-sauce. :D
Name: Honey boy
Date: July 26, 2023
Loving your sites colors and general simple aesthetic. Very calming to look at and navigate through. My only instant desire is that the links below each of the headers on the side weren't underlined.. but that's probably my ocd talking. Love the site!
Name: OFF
Date: June 12, 2023
hello @-@
Name: Dr3ddn0ght
Date: May 17, 2023
Nice to see another Aussie! And thank you for the site, I enjoyed my time here.
Name: aspiring cyberpunk
Date: March 15, 2023
former brisbanite, new to neo cities! I <3 the vegan emphasis, design, and web ethos. All the best!
Name: SugarBlush
Date: Feb 07, 2023
Hi!! You've heard from me on Neocities, but I wanted to leave a comment on here too. This is a really fantastic website, and it is what inspired me to get back onto my Neocities account and create again. Your web pages are all very informative and insightful, and I love your site's peaceful and grounded atmosphere. Thank you for letting me learn from your source code and helping me with my site c: Wishing you the best.
Name: Rain (rainmirage.neocities.org)
Date: Dec 27, 2022
Thank you for leaving a comment on my website :) It prompted me to come and check out your website, which is lots of fun and very cute! I'm from NZ and studied graphic design in university so we have a bit in common :P Your list of vegan recipes is very yummy looking - I'm not vegan but I like cooking without meat cause it's easier and less messy lmao, so I look forward to making that minestrone soup!
Name: Anonymous
Date: Dec 27, 2022
I LIKE YUPR WEBSITE!!!!! ^__^ !!!!!!! so beautyful
Name: Solid
Date: Dec 21, 2022
Hello there! I really love your website and appreciate all of the various resources you have added! I will be a frequent visitor. Everything here is very very invaluable to me, as an aspiring artist. Happy holidays! <3 Bless
Name: Tulip
Date: Dec 18, 2022
hi Rhi!! thanks for the tip about the discord webhook guestbook - i'm in the middle of setting that up right now, i hope it goes well! happy holidays!!
Name: Penner
Date: Nov 8, 2022
I love the vibe here~
Name: tulip
Date: Sept 26, 2022
your site is so cool! i love your art, the PC-98 inspired work is incredibly cool to me in particular <3 awesome job!!
Name: Lethe
Date: Sept 5, 2022
Your site is so cozy, and I'm glad I've chanced upon your charming Kaitou Saint Tail fan art! <3 i didn't know of the manga artbooks and art collections archive, so that's a valuable find in your link lists!
Name: Divergent Rays
Date: Sept 3, 2022
I've enjoyed spending time looking through your site! Love the layout and colors. I've put your loveon on my page, divergentrays.neocities.org. btw, my son had me watch Ghost in the Slove with him - I'm not into anime but that is an anime that I quite liked!
Name: Themby
Date: Aug 28, 2022
Really love this site! Your art is gorgeous, and the resources all look really useful. It's nice to come across a fellow vegan too. I will definitely be trying out some of the recipes.
Name: Mika
Date: Aug 26, 2022
This site is a neat little find! Definitely inspired me to try & make my own site more accessible.
Name: Tera
Date: Aug 18, 2022
I have just found your site and not finished exploring yet (will have to return later), but before I go I want to say your site is really neat! You explain things very well. And ur right I DO think it is cool that you studied anesthesia for bugs. You probably get told this really really often, but it's so cool that you share a name with the iconic witch from the Mabinogion (and also a Fleetwood Mac song lol).
Name: Pebble
Date: July 1, 2022
hey i just wnated to say this is rlly cool and I like your site! I forgot how I came across it but its slaying

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