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I'm pixelglade, an illustrator, pixel artist, and graphic designer in Brisbane, Australia.

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A personal website to share my artwork, curate online resources, and share vegan recipes.

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18 Feb 2024: Single animated gif toggles added to Links and Banners and Badges. Accessible Gif Toggle updated to demo new code.

17 Feb 2024: Added an Image Viewer to the Studies page.

11 Feb 2024: Added an Image Viewer to the Illustrations page. Graphical overhaul of every page in The Vault by uploading images for every list entry.

10 Feb 2024: Shared code and demos for an Accessible Gif Toggle. Also includes a batch script to convert an entire folder of Gif files into PNG files.

03 Feb 2024: Added an Image Viewer to Anime & Manga and Pixel Art so you can read descriptions about each artwork and navigate and view artwork more easily.

Added the PixScape Directory to Links along with a mutual follower icon.

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