Commissions Overview

This page outlines commission categories and pricing.


  1. Overview
  2. Portraits
  3. Half-Body
  4. Full-Body
  5. Pixel Art Mockups
  6. Pixel Art Backgrounds
  7. Currency and Fees
  8. Summary Table


My illustration style is inspired by anime, manga, and video games especially those on retro gaming systems like the NEC PC-98 and NEC PC-88.

I am experienced in creating character and background illustrations and would be happy to create artwork of your original character.

The three main styles are:

  1. cell-shaded (colour)
  2. manga (B&W)
  3. pixel art



Three example portrait illustrations.
Cost of a portrait
 AUD ($)USD ($)


Three example half body illustrations.
Cost of a half body illustration
 AUD ($)USD ($)


Three example full body illustrations.
Cost of a full body illustration
 AUD ($)USD ($)
Full Body213.84143.44

Pixel Art Game Mockups

Two pixel art illustration mockups, one of a game title screen and another of a PC-88 game gameplay screen.
Cost of a pixel art game mockup
 AUD ($)USD ($)
Pixel Art Mockups267.30179.29

Pixel Art Background

Two pixel art backgrounds in NEC PC-98 style.
Cost of a pixel art background
 AUD ($)USD ($)
Pixel Art Backgrounds320.76215.15

Summary Table

Summary table of commission costs plus extras
 AUD ($)USD ($)
+Rendered Object53.4635.86
+Extra Character+50%+50%

Custom sizes such as logos, social media icons, profile pictures, or banners are also available upon request.

Currency and Fees

Final cost is in Australian Dollars (AUD).

A flat 3% processing fee will be applied to all commissions.

Payment will be made through Paypal.

The USD currency conversion is based on 0.67 on 17 April 2023; the latest currency conversion rate for your chosen currency will be included in your quote.

See More Artwork

More artwork viewable on the My Artwork page.

Read More

Please see my Guidelines page before requesting a commission.