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This page will link to my artwork projects.

Latest Artwork

A conversation between Pipimi from the manga Pop Team Epic and a chatbot. The text reads Our virtual assistant, Elon, has joined the chat to help you. The robot icon has a speech bubble Good morning, how can I help you? Pipimi says I'd like to talk to a real person about my account, plz. (smile emoji) The chat bot replies I'm sorry, can you please repeat your query in another way. Pipimi says Let me talk to a human being!! (frown emoji) She writes many As to scream, the text leaves the speech bubble and overlaps with Pipimi's icon.

The latest drawing (made in 2024) is a comic (the sample above is a single sample frame) about the web, social media, and sensory overload using the characters from Pop Team Epic. It is too large to fit in the image viewer so you have to view the full comic in a new window.

About the Categories

Pixel Art

Bianca is enjoying ice cream with Latias while walking down a street of colourful Venetian houses.

Pixel Art contains a mixture of anime style pixel art, some reminescent of retro computer games like on the PC-98 [Moby Games].

Anime & Manga

Alucard examining a skull pensively in candlelight.
Saint Tail performing a magic trick by throwing playing cards and streamers flying behind her.

Anime & Manga contains a mix of cell shaded and black and white manga style works.


An isometric marble bench surrounded by greenery and a magic portal opening by an autumnal hanging branch.

The Illustration category is a catch-all for illustrations that do not fit anywhere else.

Graphic Design

Icons made for a Twitter art raffle, includes a heart, retweet, arrow, follow buttons, email, check and cross icons, lock, brush, and dice icons.

The Graphic Design page contains some icons, a logo, and some package design before my Diploma, with a link to my graphic design dedicated website.


Pretty Sammy closes her eyes in a field of flowers..

Screenshot, painting, value, and colour studies are in Studies.

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