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20 Jan 2024: Major quality of life update. Secondary navigation added to The Vault, Fun Stuff, Freebies, and Vegan Recipes. Now you all can navigate sideways instead of just up and down and have a clearer overview of the link hierarchy!

Added more Web Rings to Links. Updated the Pixel Glade banner so it resizes better on mobile. CSS cleanup.

13 Jan 2024: Site update. Added secondary navigation elements to the About Me and My Artwork sections.

Added sample images to My Artwork.

05 Jan 2024: Homepage update. Added hand-pixelled social media icons, an email button, and a notice board with custom icons to draw attention to the free pixel art brush set and that I am available for hire as an artist.

02 Jan 2024: New Pokemon fanart of Porygon added to Pixel Art.



27 Dec 2023: Added a current time widget and custom pride flag badges to the homepage on the right hand side.

25 Dec 2023: New fanart of Bianca/Kanon and Latias from Pokemon Heroes added to Pixel Art.

Additionally, updated the My Artwork page and the other artwork subpages to have a section where the Latest Artwork can be featured.

20 Dec 2023: New colour study based on a screenshot from Pokemon: Mewtwo Strikes Back added to Studies.


27 Nov 2023: New artwork added to the Studies page.

Five new studies added to study screenshots from anime. Included are painting studies of stills from Five Star Stories and X, and pixel art studies of stills from Magical Girl Pretty Sammy, X, and Ruin Explorers. Additionally, updated the thumbnails to all use 70x70px format.

19 Nov 2023: New pixel art fanart of Mew from Pokemon flying over a field with some wind turbines.

05 Nov 2023: Updates:

  • RSS Button added to the homepage.
  • Affinity program link added to Paintbrush.
  • Yumi Co (citypop and funk) radio added to Online Radio.

27 Oct 2023: Updates:


21 October 2023: Moved Webrings to the Links page. Deleted unavailable sites and wrote descriptions for each site and organised them by category.

New blog post Changing Web Hosts and Life Update.

Added a Pixel Glade RSS Feed for the website which will update with messages for the Announcements tab.

New radio stations (House of Prog, chiptune radios, anime music) added to Online Radios, and those with stream links now have in-browser audio players.

10 October 2023: Set up an animation toggle button and mouse-hover and keyboard-focus controls for activating animated gifs on the following pages: Nostalgic Animated Gifs, Cool Gifs, Cute Gifs.


16 September 2023: Made a light mode for this site using the prefers-color-scheme css media query. The colour contrast meets AAA WCAG standards and there is even a custom banner (and like the dark mode banner, it's 6KB in size so it loads quickly).

To test it, press F12 to load Developer Tools (Firefox) and press the light or dark mode toggle (moon and sun icons).

09 September 2023: Updated almost all the website collections to have additional entries. New page Miscellaneous Links for some language learning resources.

05 September 2023: Uploaded artwork studies from 2019-2023 to Studies.

03 September 2023: Uploaded some new Neocities mutuals banners to the Links page.

01 September 2023: Re-organised and re-styled the Commission Guidelines page, and made a Commission Request form for the Commissions Requests page.

I learned a fair bit of form styling and javascript for this so I'm quite pleased with it.


30 August 2023: New comment on the Drawing Architecture in Perspective blog post about FromSoftware's gothic aesthetic (thank you, ohmi!)

Plus, a more hidden update but web developers will appreciate. Managed to consolidate two separate style.css pages on the site. Now there is only one, using the magic of id tags and all: inherit.

27 August 2023: Further accessibility updates.

Edited the guestbook page so there are focus and hover attributes on the forms and submit button, including labels. Applied these changes to the blog pages for the comment section.

Applied focus and active attributes to the Ecosia site search on the home page.

Altered the comment form and section for each blog post to be responsive, accessible, and using div tags instead of table tags.

23 August 2023: Major quality of life update.

Finally fixed the breadcrumb menu (previously hidden) to be accessible (the blue hierarchical navigation bar above each page (except home, blog, and a few other places). See Accessible Breadcrumbs for the instructions I used.

Reversed the order of information in the HTML title tag so unique information comes first.

Also noticed a missing link to Image Manipulation from Software so I fixed that.

20 August 2023: Updated the Websites resources page with some links to websites for learning languages (mainly japanese).

19 August 2023: Added a Mediterranean Bean Salad recipe. Even though I've made this recipe a lot I tried multiple variations so it's a fusion of two different ones.

13 August 2023: Added a new page Articles with a compilation of links to web articles or essays on various topics including the modern web.

06 August 2023: Shared some links to My Favorite Game Soundtracks and added a Seitan Sausages recipe.


27 July 2023: Added some pixelart; a fanart study of Aburatsubo from Magic Users Club.

23 July 2023: Added a Vegan Pancakes recipe. This is the most edited (by me!) recipe on this site, but I make them often since they're pretty good.


10 June 2023: Added newspaper archives to the bookshelf catalogue page.


31 May 2023: Updated my Favorite Books list so the Cornelius Quartet is at the top of the science fiction list. Updated the Commissions Overview page so it links to the rest of the site and updated the sitemap.

28 May 2023: More Rush songs in My Favorite Rush Songs page, where I list my favorite song per album to give greater appreciation to those that weren't in the most played list.

27 May 2023: Added a Black Bean Burrito recipe and Coconut Oil Mocha recipe.

20 May 2023: Added a Top Twenty Rush Songs page to share some music from my favorite prog rock band.

18 May 2023: Reorganised the navigation bar to collapse Websites, Books, and Software into The Vault. Also cleaned up the Fun Stuff section and added a new Guestbook entry. Added a Spotify Playlists page to share some of my favorite progressive rock and electronic ambient music. Take a listen!

14 May 2023: Uploaded a Vegan Lasagna recipe.


27 March 2023: New pixel art featuring an elf mage/druid uploaded to the site.

25 March 2023: New vegan recipe, Lentil Soup! The best I've tried.


16 February 2023: New blog entry, the last of the fantasy book cover appreciation posts: Part 03.

08 February 2023: Pixel art of my OC sitting at a park uploaded to Pixel Art.

06 February 2023: Updated the Guestbook to have a Name field as well as a Message Field, and updated the blog pages to use the same Javascript to generate a comment box.

03 February 2023: A new fantasy book cover post with art by Stephen Bradbury and Geoff Taylor: Fantasy Cover Art Appreciation Part 02.


27 January 2023: Some fantasy book cover art by Michael Whelon, Mike Posen, and Robert Gould in Part 01 of a new blog post: Fantasy Cover Art Appreciation.

22 January 2023: New pixel art fanart of Armitage III uploaded to Pixel Art.

16 January 2023: Uploaded the dithering brushes I use in Aseprite to Freebies.



31 December 2022: Uploaded a PC88 visual novel mock up screenshot to Pixel Art.

29 December 2022: New page Banners and Badges where I put together some 88x31px banners and 80x15px badges that appealed to me from circa 2000 to current.

23 December 2022: Added two new vegan recipes, Easy Homemade Seitan and Seitan Schnitzel.

20 December 2022: Added a short review of the visual novel VA-11 Hall-A to the blog. I also finally fixed the broken blog navigation buttons and excised the remaining Javascript from the blog.

17 December 2022: Replaced the HTML Comment Box in the Guestbook with a static HTML version which uses a Discord webhook form.

04 December 2022: Added a Cool GIFs page.


30 November 2022: Updated the links page to help support the Neocities ecosystem.

13 November 2022: I joined the Greenify Webring, which is dedicated to sites which have green in them (of any amount). If you scroll down, the widget should appear below the Null Webring widget.


22 October 2022: Published a new blog post, a short review and appreciation post on The Dualism in Castlevania: Harmony of Dissonance (HoD).

03 October 2022: Cleaned up some of the Resources pages in terms of layout and organisation.

01 October 2022: Added a Search button on the homepage which uses Ecosia. Set the navigation guide at the top of each page to hidden until I can add aria-label: hidden to it.


29 September 2022: Merged the Anime and Manga artwork galleries into one, Anime & Manga and reorganised some of the other pages so images were being interrupted less by text. Also, added new pixel art!

25 September 2022: Added a new page to Fun Stuff called Cute Gifs which includes a collection of hamster, anime, kao-ani, and miscellaneous animated GIFs I found through GifCities.

22 September 2022: Updated the Dithering Brushes page with a Krita pixel art brush set free to download.

18 September 2022: Organised Freebies into separate categories. Added the direct download link for the dithering brushes (zip) in Dithering Brushes, along with uploaded images which zoom in on PC98 pixel art examples to show how they use dithering.

17 September 2022: Added a new section The Jukebox with a page called The Haunted Chapel. It shares some YouTube video links to video game music which have an eerie, haunted feeling.

11 September 2022: Reorganised the Software and Books pages to have subcategories and added a 'here' indicator on the nav bar when visiting pages.

09 September 2022: Moved Veganism and Web Manifesto to About Me. Re-wrote the About Me page and added a new page The Science Hub where I talk about open science, ethical science, dream science, and a bit about my graduate studies. Also, updated the Links page with some new banners.

05 September 2022: Added new pixel art (Rika PC-98 animation with music and vocal dialogue) and uploaded the Pixel Glade website banner to that page as well.

01 September 2022: Added a Skip to Main Content link on every page, so keyboard users can skip the navigation panel to arrive directly at the main content. I also removed Favorites from the Misc navigation bar and put it under Fun Stuff. Here's a link to some HTML/CSS code to add a Skip to Main Content link to your website.


28 August 2022: Removed the hyperlink to Dokodemo on Web Manifesto since that page was taken down from Neocities. Additionally, re-styled the Announcements Archive to use drop-down buttons so that page is less a wall of text and more a nice arrangement of buttons and text.

21 August 2022: Added two indian curries to Vegan Recipes, a Dal Makhani and a Moong Dal.

13 August 2022: Made a new website collection Accessibility Resources which includes links to accessibility guidelines, podcasts, image description and tactile graphics information and learning resources, a colour contrast checker, braille directories, and a resource to make Twitter show missing alt text and make alt text easier to write.

06 August 2022: Updated the Illustration page with old painting studies, pen and ink drawings, and some of my Inktober 2017 drawings.


29 July 2022: Archived the last blog post from Wordpress on my blog. It's a perspective tutorial on drawing different patterend floor tiles in perspective as used in baroque and renaissance paintings.

24 July 2022: Archived a blog post from Wordpress on my blog. It's about using perspective projection to put squares and other square-like objects into perspective with accurate dimensions.

17 July 2022: Joined the Null Webring. There's a navigation tab at the bottom of the homepage. I joined because there are some sites on there I like, I like the retro aesthetic of the webring, and generally they seem like a cool bunch of people.

14 July 2022: Fixed some alignment issues in the Blog Post. Got the post to be archived in zonelets too! :)

13 July 2022: Archived a blog post from Wordpress on Architectural Perspective on My Blog. Some to-be-resolved technical difficulties with formatting and archiving the post with zonelets.

12 July 2022: Added Twitter Art Raffle code to Freebies.

08 July 2022: Added a Pecan Pie recipe.

04 July 2022: Added 2px tracking to the Pixel Glade heading and added a few Guide links to Veganism.

03 July 2022: Added a link on the navigation bar to the Blog.


12 June 2022: Finished uploading the fanfiction Ash Ketchum vs Climate Change to Fun Stuff. Added a section Games to Favorite Things.

11 June 2022: Added a Pokemon fanfiction Ash Ketchum vs Climate Change to Fun Stuff.

06 June 2022: New Links page under Misc so banners to other Neocities sites and my banner will live there. Also redid the navigation bar so there are less items on it. Web Nostalgia re-organised into Fun Stuff and the My Artwork panel is now under About Me.


22 May 2022: New Vegan Recipes including a Refried Bean and Avocado Wrap, Vegan Feta, Vegan Spanakopita, and a Baking section with Chocolate and Nut Bars.

15 May 2022: I set up some internal links across the art-related pages.

14 May 2022: A 88x31px banner is now on the homepage. Until I set up the affiliate links page it will hang out here. I also updated Web Nostalgia with some links to the original gifs and also added an Anki Flashcard deck for figure drawing to Freebies.

08 May 2022: Added Art Resources, a page you can navigate to from Resources > Websites. I expanded the website list for art reference and resources, including perspective tutorials and more.

07 May 2022: Updated Resources > Vegan Recipes with two lentil recipes: one a carrot and lentil soup and the other is an orange greek salad. Let me know if you try any recipes I've posted! More to come.

01 May 2022: Added Favorites Lists > Fav Manga and Fav Anime and updated the Sitemap.


30 April 2022: The Artwork > Graphic Design page is now live and I added some more recent artwork to Illustration and finally added the Sitemap.

24 April 2022: The Artwork > Illustration page is now live though more recent works (2021-2022) will be added soon. I also added some older artwork to the Anime and Manga pages.

23 April 2022: I updated the Vegan Recipes page and added content to the Misc > Web Nostalgia and Misc > Music page. I also made an Announcements Archive so to avoid clogging the homepage. More content still to come.

19 April 2022: I reworded the About > Web Manifesto to be a bit less ranty but also importantly added a new article to that page called From My to Me by Olia Lialina. A highly recommended read about the rise and fall of Geocities and the impact this has had on ownership of content on the web.

18 April 2022: I added Resources > Books, and replaced the break tags between link sections on the Websites and Software pages with closing paragraph tags because I was finding it hard to read. I also added the Copyright page, so there are some guidelines if you would like to copy the HTML/CSS of this site. Misc > Favorites Lists finally has an entry Favorites Lists > Favorite Books!

17 April 2022: Newly active pages include Artwork > Manga, Artwork > Anime, and Artwork > Pixel Art. Added recipes to Resources > Vegan Recipes, and more to come!

16 April 2022 (02): Currently active pages include About Me > Web Manifesto, Veganism, My Work, and Contact Me. Additionally, Resources > Software, Websites, and Freebies. Finally, Misc > Guestbook is available. I also noticed my site has 300+ views on day one which is amazing to me - thank you for your interest!

16 April 2022: Loaded the homepage to Neocities to test the layout on different platforms. URLs and website content are currently inactive, please keep an eye out for the next update.